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Learn simple ways to improve your personal or professional life in the areas that affect you most. The Women Empowering Women website provides women’s networking groups and our unique self-help tools that are available only to members. Stay current and connected to other women by accessing our news feed for the latest news about women, mentoring for women, and women’s issues. Join our community of women and begin finding happiness.

Connect with other women anywhere in the world via WEW’s Private Interactive Network PIN. You can seek helpful information, advice, counsel, or share your experiences using the PIN for a nominal fee. If you’re interested in providing services geared toward mentoring for women, you can join to be a WEW member who provides help to other members by sharing your success stories with them. Either way, you’ll be part of a unique community of women’s networking groups who are united by the desire to learn, grow, and positively influence other members.  Whether you’re seeking help or seeking to help, see PIN for details.

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  • Help you achieve financial independence and financial fitness for women – an important key to happiness.
  • Facilitate connections from women who have been through and successfully prevailed in similar situations to yours such as domestic violence or psychological abuse, harassment, parenting struggles, work-life balance, raising happy kids, and more.
  • Find an expert who can guide you through the process of becoming your own boss by helping you develop ways to turn your business idea into action.
  • Put you in touch with a member to help you with issues like gender discrimination in the workplace, provide you with career advice, or guide you through the maze of how to change careers.
  • Help you to discover your full potential and find happiness in love and marriage, or other important facets of your life.

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Seek Help Now  Want to talk to other women who have experienced and overcome a problem or situation that you are currently dealing with such as harassment, abuse, divorce or custody issues? Need advice or a compassionate ear from a mother with a child with disabilities? Looking for encouragement from an entrepreneur to help bolster your confidence and help you navigate the process of leaving your job and becoming self-employed? Have an idea for a new product or service, but don’t know where to start? Women Empowering Women’s mentoring for women services can connect you with women who can help. Tell us your story to get started.

Start Helping Now Be a part of Women Empowering Women’s mission to positively change the lives of women!  You can join as a CONTRIBUTOR to share how you successfully overcame a challenging experience that another member is currently dealing with.  As you help and grow, you receive the satisfaction of helping others and could soon be rewarded by your success.

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    Readiness Resources:

    • Become a Successful Entrepreneur
      Submit your idea and a brief description. We will review it and refer it to our expert advisors and contributors for analysis and inform you of their comments. If you agree we will assist in your development of the business plan and try to guide you to the right professionals to patent, copyright and protect the intellectual properties of your idea if appropriate. Each idea entails different aspects of protection and development all of which are very unique to the environment of the business or product.
    • Enjoy Non-Disclosure Protection
      All our members enjoy non-disclosure protection for all of their business ideas submitted to us. Before we proceed with any aspect of your idea we send you a detailed non-disclosure agreement referring to your submission.
    • Expert Advice
      Our team of experts are active and retired associates who share a passion for helping others become successful and are available to the WEW staff. However, if you have a unique idea or concern, we can introduce you to the expert most appropriate for your needs.

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