Women Entrepreneurs – Resources

Women entrepreneurs are driving many businesses today, in industries as diverse as technology, medical devices, beauty and skin care lines, and more! We offer resources for women entrepreneurs, to help you use your hidden talents and ideas to start a business or expand your existing one.

Have you always dreamed of starting your own business, being your own boss, and working on a product or service you’re truly passionate about? If so, you’ll want to read our blogs from women entrepreneurs to hear their stories, get ideas and advice, and become inspired by their successes.

Whether you are looking for ideas for a home-based business selling products online, or you need advice on whether to incorporate, you’ll find resources for women-owned businesses here. Maybe the idea of starting your own business seems daunting, but we even have advice on how you can take a short-cut to becoming a successful entrepreneur by buying an established business from a retiring business owner. How’s that for thinking outside the box?

No matter what future path you’re mulling over, we are sure to have experts in our WEW networking groups that have “been there, done that” and can lend a helping hand, solid guidance or just a sympathetic ear.

Browse our resources for women entrepreneurs in this section, and be sure to join our group for more networking opportunities and advice for women entrepreneurs as new initiatives, blogs and information are posted.

50 Insanely Creative And Stunning Packaging Designs

By Caitlin Jordan   Think about your most recent purchase. Why did you purchase that specific brand? Was it an impulse buy, or something you genuinely needed? Now that you’re thinking about it, odds are, you bought it because it was interesting. Yes, you may have...

Earn Customer Trust When You Have Zero Sales

By Ana Gotter July 2nd, 2018 Imagine visiting a new online store for the very first time. You know nothing about the brand, the quality of its products, or commitment to customer satisfaction. Like most shoppers, you’d probably search for reviews from past customers,...

10 Trending Products to Sell in 2018

Thinking of selling online? Willing to increase your income? Check what Nicole Martins Ferreira recommends. To succeed in ecommerce you need three things: the best products to sell, the skills to market them, and the drive to succeed. I know you already have the...

Incorporation Explained

What does it mean to incorporate? Incorporating a business means turning your sole proprietorship or general partnership into a company formally recognized by your state of incorporation. When a company incorporates, it becomes its own legal business structure set...

7 Simple Ways You Can Protect Your Idea From Theft

As a business grows, pitching becomes increasingly important. As the business seeks investors, new clients, or even new employees, a business owner must repeatedly reveal details about the company to others. Idea theft is an ongoing concern for many of these business...

Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

A look at entrepreneurship through the lens of uncertainty. Alice laughed. “There’s no use trying,” she said: “one can’t believe impossible things.” “I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a...

Inspired or Frustrated, Women Go to Work for Themselves

An ocean separates Chupi Sweetman-Durney, who lives in Dublin, and Lea Giovanniello of Vienna, Va., and they have never met. Yet their workplace experiences and career paths — at a time when women still struggle with both — are a testament to what’s possible. Here are...

How Entrepreneurs Come Up With Great Ideas

By Guy Kawasaki April 29th, 2013 Where do eurekas come from? At the heart of any successful business is a great idea. Some seem so simple we wonder why nobody thought of them before. Others are so revolutionary we wonder how anybody could've thought of them at all....

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