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Women Empowering Women

The goal of Women Empowering Women is to build a global community of women who individually contribute women’s empowerment resources to share with other members. Our website was created as the one source, a worldwide women’s empowerment group, to help women learn more about the issues that impact their lives the most, connect and share their experiences with other women, and succeed in accomplishing their goals and dreams.


Women Empowering Women enables women to gain insight and knowledge in key areas of their lives. In this section of our website, WEW provides articles written by experts and caring women who want to empower other women to be their best, personally and professionally.


Women Empowering Women understands that women have an inherent need to communicate with other women and to nurture others. That’s why WEW has developed a Private Interactive Network PIN to allow its members to connect with one another.


How do members of Women Empowering Women succeed?  By sharing and learning from many of our individual empowerment group members via the Private Interactive Network PIN. WEW members empower one another to make positive changes in their lives and to build happier, healthy families and futures.

Areas we focus on to lead a better life:

Click any Area of Focus for the latest content and discussion on that topic.


We offer resources and mentoring for women to help you use your hidden talents and ideas to start a business or expand your existing one.


Start making changes that enable you to take control of your life and future.


By making smart decisions, let your savings grow while you are having fun!


Your health is the most important aspect of your life and should not be ignored. Don’t let work or personal stress take control of your life. We’ll help you invest in your health.


Learn ways to take your career to the next level and accomplish greater success. Discover what drives your decisions and find happiness in your professional life.


We cannot ignore digital threats or potential danger to our children and families. We’ll help you learn how to proactively use the right tools to prevent or reduce these threats.

Women Empowering Women

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Private Interactive Network

Here’s how our PIN facilitates Women Empowering Women and enables you to benefit from private conversations with other women who have been through the same issues.

WEW’s proprietary Private Interactive Network PIN assigns an unlisted, private cell number which is exclusive to two people who mutually agree to talk to each other.

  • The number can be dialed from anywhere in the world for an unlimited amount of voice, text, or video each month.
  • Each connection is confidential and offers exclusive privacy between only the two people who share the PIN. WEW values privacy as paramount in sharp contrast to social media companies who require users to make their content and photos the property of the social media outlets.
  • The cost is just $ 2.18 each month.
Mentoring for Women

Series: Being Woman

Author: Ingrid Heima

The real life journey and experiences of one woman determined to reach her potential as a single mom, solopreneur, and individual empowered to pursue her goals and dreams.

Being Woman – Part 10: Being The Central Figure Of My Life

Being Woman – Part 10: Being The Central Figure Of My Life

It might sound weird but I’m trying to become the central figure of my life. To be here… and now… It can be a long journey. Couple years ago I had no idea where to start… I started with a simple exercise: I took a piece of paper, set the timer for 10 minutes, and...

Being Woman – Part 9: Letter To The Future 

Being Woman – Part 9: Letter To The Future 

Dear Love of My Life, I haven’t met you yet, but hopefully one day we will meet. I will be fine if you don’t show up in my life. I know I will. At least, I want to believe of your existence. I hope you will come, I’m just not ready yet… I need time to get a clearer...

Being Woman – Part 8: Letter To My Past

Being Woman – Part 8: Letter To My Past

Dear Mr. Ex, There are days when I think that you are and will probably be the most important man in my life. There are days when I don’t give a shit about you and there are days when I want to smash your disgusting face... There are days when I would like you to...

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